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What's different about cyclic?

Cyclic is serverless

There are no servers, no containers, no images, no hours to count. Each app is deployed entirely on serverless cloud infrastructure.

No Sleep

Even with free tier. Apps do not have to sleep, wake up, spin up or recycle. All front-ends and back-ends are ready on-demand, immediately and at all times.

No Overload

Containers make traffic a constant concern because resources are shared across concurrent requests.

On Cyclic, serverless functions are allocated to each individual request on demand, making it possible for your apps to hyper scale.

Hyper scale

On Cyclic free tier, an individual 1GB RAM compute instance handles each separate http request. For a single request, this is about ~2x cpu/memory compared to popular container platforms. In a 10 concurrent request scenario, this comparison results in ~200x or 100GB RAM available system compute - on free tier!

Cloud-scale Database and Storage

Database and storage on free tier. 1GB of AWS S3 file object storage as well as a 1GB AWS DynamoDB NoSQL database are available for all apps. Cyclic makes it simple to use the services without having to set up an AWS account. To make using the AWS database even easier, check out our open source DynamoDB SDK


Apps can be launched around the world to make sure your users see the least latency. Apps can also be launched across the world to minimize downtime with default active-active failover strategy.


We are developers here, sometimes we want to open the box and change everything around. You are welcome to open the hood, poke around or take your apps apart. When apps grow up, take them with you, integrate them into legacy code.

You can have your own cyclic apps and host them too

Given a role, Cyclic can deploy apps into your own AWS account. This allows you to have total and complete control over your app's infrastructure. Self hosting gives the root access to integrate, customize and set your own limits.


A pipeline is built into every app and integrated with GitHub. Changes are live in a few seconds with every git push. Each deployment is registered, along with build/deploy logs pointing to the specific git change set. You will know exactly what changes went out and when.

Deploy some code!

Quick start

Launch a pre-baked expressjs starter:

Deploy Expressjs Starter on Cyclic


You can always link your own repository from github.

  • Sign up:
  • Using github as your login
  • Choose "Link my own", and type in your repo name
  • Click deploy
  • Approve "Cyclic - Preview" app in github
  • Watch the terminal for your deployment logs
Language and runtime support

Cyclic supports Node.js 18, 16 and 14 runtimes for both building and running apps. Let us know if you are looking for another language or version: Discord