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Quick start example

Launch a pre-baked expressjs starter:

Deploy Expressjs Starter on Cyclic

Product tour

Launching your own app

Go to the Link Your Own tab on the deployment page. This will let you chose a repo from one of your public GitHub repos.

Here is what you need to know:

  1. Cyclic supports nodejs apps that live in github repos

  2. A package.json must exist at the root of the repo

  3. On every deployment Cyclic will run npm install for production and will prune dev dependencies

    • Cyclic will also run npm run build if a build script has been defined in the package.json
  4. The package.json should have a scripts property with a start command

    • Cyclic will run your apps by calling npm run start
  5. The start command must start a server on a port

    • Cyclic will discover the port automatically or you can configure it in environment variables
  6. All apps are serverless

  7. New deployments will be triggered automatically on code changes to the default branch of the repo

Next steps?

You can try one of our other starters listed on the starters page