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Common Error Codes

No list of common error codes is exhaustive, but the following should help you quickly find an error based on type and navigate to relevant documentation which may help you resolve it.

Build Options Errors

  • ENOENTNo such file or directory - Specify build folder
  • Unable to load legacy provider/digital envelope routines unsupported - Revert to older version of Node
  • Cannot find Data Entry Point - Specify which directory Cyclic should look in for package.json
  • ERROR: The total size of the post-build project code and production dependencies cannot exceed 240MB - Remove or move dependencies

Timeout Error

Database Errors

  • MongoParseError - Usually an issue with MongoDB or Mongoose configuration.
  • 500 error when trying to load page - Start by whitelisting all IPs ( in your Atlas Cluster
  • EROFSRead-only file system with '/var/task/tmp/tmp' or "unable to open for write unix" - This is the read-only file system error. One solution is the use the S3fs module provided by Cyclic.

Other Errors

  • Cannot find module " " - If Cyclic is unable to find or run a specific module, it may not be available to Cyclic because of errors in the code or because it is not supported.
    • Ex: CORS - Make sure CORS is installed and required if you are receiving this message in regards to CORS.
    • EX: Websockets - If you see "Cannot Find Modules 'ws'", it is in reference to WebSockets. Read more about Cyclic and Websockets here.
  • npm ERR! gyp ERR! - Node-gyp requires glibc. Because this is not currently supported on Cyclic, you will not be able to use this package on Cyclic, resulting in this error. Even if you are not actively using glibc in your code, you will encounter this error if one of your dependencies relies on this library.
  • ERROR:Failed to run "npm run start" - Make sure your package.json is in the build folder.
  • "Runs on local, but doesn't run on Cyclic" - Not an error code, persay, but a frequent concern. Here's how to troubleshoot:
    • Check package.json has all required dependences
    • Check that your start script is defined and runs
    • Check your environment varibales are set and match your expectations