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Size limits

Cyclic builds and deploys apps using serverless technologies. The build environment has 10 GB of space to use to install your dependencies and devDependencies, then build your code bundle. The built bundle may not exceed 240 MB.

Bundle limit

The size of the packaged code that is deployed is limited to 240 MB. By default any generated files and the entire repo contents are packaged.

Several SPA frameworks (including React) by default include build time tools in standard generated dependencies. If you move these to devDependencies you will most likely resolve any space issues.

Error message

2021-12-06 10:49:49: [CYCLIC] ERROR: The total size of the post-build project code and
production dependencies cannot exceed 240MB. The total size of your build is ${mb} MB

If you get an error in the deploy log that says production dependencies cannot exceed 240MB, here is how to fix.


Currently the code size is limited to 240MB. Fortunately, most projects can be optimized by appropriately organizing dependencies and excluding unnecessary files from the build.

  • remove any unused dependencies
  • move any dev dependencies to devDependencies
  • add file patterns to an .npmignore file to exclude them from the build
.npmignore uses the same syntax as .gitignore

Read more about ignoring path patterns

Build environment limit

The build environment has 10 GB disk and 10 GB RAM available for temporary use to run installation and build npm scripts defined in the repos package.json.

Error message

If your space requirements exceed these amounts, while running the install or step you will see a No space left on device error.

fatal: cannot create directory at 'some_large_file.txt': No space left on device
2021-12-06 10:49:49: [CYCLIC] Build Failed
Push a new commit to start another.


The only resolution at this time is to trim your dependencies or devDependencies.