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File System

The Node.js file system module gives you access to the file system on your local environment. To include the fs modules use the require() method: const fs = require('fs');

The fs method is often used for reading, creating, updating, deleting, and renaming files, however there is a long list of methods, which you can see here in the Node documentation:

Files created by the fs module are read-only once the project is deployed to This results in an EROFS: Error Read-Only File System error.

If you are hitting the EROFS error in processing files, one solution is to write to a file that is located in a /tmp directory. However, do not use /tmp for perminant storage, as is it wiped frequently.

A more perminant solution to this error is to use the Cyclic S3fs drop-in replacement for Node.js fs, which gives you acces to an AWS S3 bucket to access as file storage in place of your local file system.

Instructions to use the npm module can be found in the for the module. Try the S3fs module.